Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pet Net

Java, our Black-Lab/Beagle loves boats and the water nearly as much as she loves people and other dogs. One of our preparations for our July sailing cruise to Beaver Island is to make sure that Java is safe and secure. We recently got her a second and lighter vest (MTI Underdog), which attaches on her back rather than her belly. Unlike her Outward Hound vest, the Underdog has two floatations pieces--one under her neck to keep her head up and another, larger piece, for her body. The pieces are attached to each other with an adjustable strap and each piece has a contracting colored handle for her masters to pick her up during transport to tender, pier, and dinghy. The two handles took some getting used to because I was used to having just one, which left a free hand for my use while boarding. I learned that I could put both handles in one hand, the smaller neck handle through a finger and the body handle through three fingers. 

Even with the security of a life vest for Java, we worry about her slipping off the deck so we've gotten pet netting, but have not installed it yet. Boat US has a nice article about installing netting by making a third lifeline. http://www.boatus.com/boattech/casey/lifeline-netting.asp