Saturday, April 18, 2009


The life of a marine diesel mechanic may be lonely at times, but it
helps to be witty and have a lifetime of stories. I don't think there
was a diesel mechanic in the village I was raised in, but if there
were, he (surely would have been a man) would have been like Doug. I
would have thought the Doug was old. Now, of course, he's young. My
age. Doug has an easy way. Knows his stuff. Owned a boat. Knows all
the sailors that I know and knows their engines even better.

Doug went to work, ask a question, told a story, and repeated the
drill. In the end I was charged for 2 hours including the stories,
which were worth more. I also know how to change a filter, check the
fuel bowl, and bleed the low pressure system. Not bad.

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