Monday, May 18, 2009

The #1 Mooring-Can Cover

I found a recipe for a mooring-can cover and, before I knew it, Beth had shopped for the parts--plastic utility bin, straps, noodle, and reflective letters and tape. I wowed Beth with my skill at cutting plastic with an old solder gun and soon we had a can cover.

I didn't look forward to actually putting the cover on the can. The day we installed the bridal was windy and choppy so I got out of it. The conditions were better yesterday, so after other "more important chores," we tackled the cover.

We placed the can next to the swim ladder so that it wouldn't bang on the transom. Locked it in place with a line through the bridle lines and a second line through the padeye. With my PFD on, I locked myself behind one of the lines and sat on the swim platform to begin the operation. Beth handled lines and procured tools--it was a cool day so no need to sponge my brow.

I placed a 6" X 6" piece of rolled-up cutting-board material over the padeye between the can and the cover. I think this will offer some chafe protection. We placed another line through the padeye to hold the cutting board in place. I meant to place a similar piece of cutting board on the top of the cover, but could not get it in place. I pulled up on a line through the padeye to get it through the hole in the cover. At the same time, I pushed the part of the cover near the padeye down to get enough of the padeye to show to get the bridal shackle back on. Finally, I got the bolt through the shackle and the cotter pin installed. Whew!

We had to sacrifice the line that was stuck underneath the cover--the one holding the piece of cutting board against the can. Now we have a bright can cover, easy to find, and a protection for Speakeasy's hull on those less windy days ahead.
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