Saturday, January 23, 2010

Speakeasy: Cold, Snow, Ice

I hate to see the boats on the hard in the winter. It's been especially icy on top of a couple feet of snow that has come and gone. I was worried that Speakeasy's cover would not like being propped up by a 2X4 instead of the mast, which is basking in the warmth of the heated yard shed.

Not much was wrong when Beth and I checked Speakeasy at the Canal Street Yacht Yard. There was some ice damming on the starboard quarter, but it was easily removed. The batteries looked good. Some ice had built-up in the lowest part of the bilge, which I must drain when it warms.

The 2010 season gets started tonight at the Columbia Yacht Club Chili Cook Off. Next week is Strictly Sail. I'm starting to get excited about a new season.
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