Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Handheld display for the nav station?

I just read about the Mimo iMo eye9 USB touchscreen with built-in webcam on Engadget. I imagined a low-powered MacMini installed on the bulkhead with the iMo as the display. It's features are portability, touchscreen, orientation (portrait or landscape), and camera (I'm dubious about that). I could hand the display to someone sitting nearby to double-check a chart, stow it in beneath the nav station, and fix it in a stand on the nav station.

But then I remember that I could do all of that and more with my iPad running iNavX connected to a headless Mini running MacENC. In addition, I can take the iPad to the bunk and cockpit. Can't do that with the iMo because it has a USB tail. Of course, the iPad is not a real display. The best one could do is run one of the screen sharing applications (e.g., VNC).
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