Sunday, May 26, 2013

Getting A Head (Electric Conversion)

Jabsco Electric Head Conversion
Jabsco Electric Head Conversion in Place
Beth longed for an electric head ever since seeing Jone's (not his real name) head. So, I ordered an electric conversation from Jabsco and presented it to her all wrapped up as a present. She was overjoyed. But now Speakeasy is in the water and the conversion had to be installed. How would that go? 

Substituting the manual plunger with an electric macerating pump is very simple, but wiring the head conversation takes thought and time. I tested the device by wiring it directly to the battery, which is just a meter forward of the head. Once I verified that the stool was flushing properly, I wired the conversion to the "Macerator" breaker switch on the electric panel. Because of the distance, I used #10 wire and pulled it through flexible conduit beneath the bilge boards from starboard to port and up to the electric panel. Because I'm a novice at pulling wire, this took about 3 hours, much longer than a professional would need.
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