Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What if Water Quality Testing Were Easier?

Although we are very dependent on abundant clean water, we only test the quality of our water in a relatively few places and few times. Mostly, we rely on local and national government agencies (e.g., water treatment facilities, EPA). Hach of Boulder Colorado realized that if testing were easier and could be done in less time, more tests would be taken. That's why Hach's new water tester is a big win for clean water.

Take a look at Hach's video portraying the old (30 minutes) and new (8 minutes) way to test water.

Sometime in the near future, citizen scientists will be able to take high-quality measurements of nearby water sources and provide this data to a global database. We will know quickly where the hot spots are and be able to take action before pollution is out of control.
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