Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Bilge Pump

As I was preparing to have an evening on the water with friends, I noticed a pump sound in the salon. It didn't go away. I climbed half-way up the ladder toward the cockpit to hear if it were coming from another boat. It was not. Speakeasy's bilge pump was running dry. For how long I wondered? What set it off just now, I continued to wonder. There must be an open circuit some where. 

I tested the float switch, which I had just installed last season. It had no effect on the pump so I cut the wire to the pump and went off to West Marine for a new switch. Of course that new switch made no difference. I wasn't thinking clearly. 

Later, I went off to the web to order a new pump. Of course Jabsco would have an exact replacement for a month, so I ordered a similar pump. I had a very good pre-sale experience with the folks at Neu Sporting Goods and am looking forward to a new pump. 
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