Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Wirie AP Upgrade Kit

I've used The Wirie WiFi access point for a season with mixed results. At the end of last season, I decided that my USB cable from nav station to transom was too long for consistently good bandwidth. Over the winter, I purchased a USB extender--a signal repeater--but haven't installed it yet. It appears that I never will install it because I won't need to. 

The new The Wirie AP avoids the long USB run and a computer to connect it to by adding an access point to the blue weather box afixed to Speakeasy's stern pulpit rail. Now the USB run is just a few inches. The only connection necessary is a power cable. Once I've added the access point to the box, it gets connected directly to the antennae on one end and to the USB WiFi adpater on the other end. All of this fits snuggly inside the box. Once it is configured, Speakeasy should have local and distant WiFi whenever the power is on. Stay tuned...
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