Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 2: Baths to Gorda Sound

I woke just off Cooper Island at daybreak with a knock on the door. Bob was helping us get off early so that we could get a mooring ball at The Bathes before the huge tour ship filled the area with other tourists. We set off quickly after a cold breakfast and got one of the last balls at Devils Beach.

We hiked to The Baths through beautiful caves and rock formations. The slippery rocks that climbed through took inovation to pass over, around, or under. No one survived wothout a scratch at least.

The Bathes were just filling when we got there. We drank some water and then hiked the high path back to Devils Beach. We left Sue at The Bathes and picked her up in the dinghie. This was difficult because of the throngs of swimmers and snorklers. some were heckling us and our dinghie.

Back onboard, we hang around for anoter hour swim and snorkel before setting off to St. Thomas Bay. No mooring balls there so we pressed on to Gorda Sound. We got the last ball by fending off anther boat that had been following us for 2 hours.

We had a round of cocktails, lit the charcoal, and prepared a feast of Mahi Mahi. What a meal!

That night, light rain woke us as we scrambled to close hatches and port holes.

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