Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Next to Impossible

For 2 years running we have changed the name of our boat to Speakeasy.
One would have thought that a lesson would have been learned the first
time. It's not the superstition that Neptune will strike us for
changing a boat's name. Rather it is peeling off the decal of the
previous name. In the case of our current Speakeasy the decal reads
"Next to Neptune" and has a large image of the watery god himself.
That's the real Neptune I fear. Even worse is that there are decals on
starboard and port.

"Just give it a little heat and it will pull right off" we've been
told. Our friends could ad that the ambient temperature must be above
40 degrees--maybe 50. Chicago has not been above 40 much this -spring
so I haven't been able to test this temperature theory.

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