Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 4: St Thomas Bay to Norman

Since we had been lucky getting moorings, getting the last one twice in three days, I got up at dawn to preare an early departure from St Thomas Bay. The weather was great for a sail with an easterly 15 kts. We had a great sail to Norman Island--aka Teasure Island.

By now we noticed that the fuel guage had not moved from 4/4. Full. The obvious solution was to measure the fuel with a clean stick. Unfortunately, the fuel cap required a wrench to remove the cap that we did not have. I called Sunsail to see if this was an issue. "No problem," I was told. Apparently, we had enough fuel for 2 weeks no matter what the guage reported.

One of the best snorkeling spots is Treasure Point, a bit of rock on the southeast side of the Mancheneel Harbor. Exotic flora and fauna awaited us and we were eager to get in the water. In addition to the plants and animals, there were caves to explore at Treasure Point.

Dinner was the best yet. We feasted on halibut and scallops--a creation of Sue's. It's so important to have a variety of talents on a cruise. We were fortunate to have several clever cooks aboard.

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