Friday, March 20, 2009

Anse Marsel

We had a few hours in Gustavia before we had to be off, so Dorothy and Bob arranged for a scuba dive and Beth and I took a trip to town for a walk to Shell Beach and food shopping at Tom's Food. By mid-afternoon we set sail for Marigot--or as close as we could get.

In fact we only got to Anse Marcel. A Radison Resort in the inner harbor and a seemingly protected anchorage. However there were light swells from the North and variable winds in the bowl. The guide book mentioned that the winds might swirl in the bowl-like anchorage.

We dined on lamb chops from Tom's--succulent. We did eat very well aboard. Our most memorable meals were made ourselves. Good for us!

Anse Marcel was a bumpy anchorage. A small swell from the North hit our beam while the wind swirled from the Southeast making our anchor snap often. Fortunately, Bob set the anchor well so we were safe from dragging. However, the noise was tremendous during the night.
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