Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ile Fourchue

Our longest sail of the week. We rose early for bagels and motored around the north end of St. Martins into the east wind. There was a good reach to Ile Fourchue and we got review the highlights of the East Coast of St. Martins on the way.

Ile Fourchue is a beautiful uninhabited island and marine park. We took a swim, snorkle, and hike. We beached the dinghy on the sandy beach and walked up to the summit to see neighboring islands. On the way we collected rocks and noticed there were no goats. Apparently, the goat population ate itself to extinction.

We haven't had much problem with sea sickness, even though it's been rolly at times. Three of us wore a medicated patch, but Beth and Bob had difficulty keeping theirs on. Mine seemed to stick while swimming, hiking, and day-after-day.
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