Sunday, March 15, 2009


The sea was 10-feet and higher and we had a good wind above 20 knots. It didn't take us long to reach Tintemarre, I little island with a white beach off the Northeast of St. Martins. We headed in and found a nice place to anchor. We could have gotten closer to the cliff for better protection, but this was our first attempt and it seem pretty good.

We set about swimming and taking in this paradise. Dorothy scouted the beach for the mud baths that were to be found just behind the beach. She reported that they had been comandeered by others, so we bathed in salt water instead of red mud.

The menu consisted of fresh-frozen salmon marinated in a version of my sister's recipe. I through these on the grill and hoped for the best. Later we learned that Ron doesn't like salmon, but he raved about this grilled concoction. Paradise can make anything taste royal.

The night was a bit rolly. New sounds and echos in a glass boat made our rest interrupted. Still, it was wonder for our first night in paradise.
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