Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beaver Island to Leland

We left our slip just before 6:00 with only light fog. Heavy fog was in the forecast. We learned later that the fog was heavy in Leland. We motorsailed in a light favorable southwest wind and flat sea  making 6 kt. With the main and a bit of jib that we adjusted with strength of the breeze.

We were sad to leave the Island and Read two Charlie Donaldson poems in honor. We made such good time that we considered going on to Frankfort, but that was another 6 hours and decided against it. Besides we had an opportunity to see a friend. Unfortunately the friend had other plans.

The harbormaster gave us a slip assignment just past a cutter rigged boat that looked like Wind Star that we first met in Leland and had just seen in Mackinac Island. As we neared the boat, Beth says it doesn't just look like Wind Star, it is!
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