Saturday, July 9, 2011

South Manitou Island; Oops! Leland

7/9/11 S Manitou: left at sunrise. 1 ft waves. 5 knot breeze off
starboard beam. Expect wind to die. 6 knot motor sail at 22 RPM. ETA 1430.

An hour out off South Manitou, Beth noticed the stool was full of holding tank
water. We surmised that the tank was full and turned toward Leland for a
pump out. We also got 8 gallons of fuel, but only needed 7.9 gallons. The lad
cleaned the spill.

We were assigned slip 25 and prepared to leave the fuel
dock, but the engine would not start. I assumed it was bad fuel being
agitated from the bottom of the tank. Two calls to George who went
over steps to bleed. Harbor gave us the name of a mechanic from North Port who called back about 8. He talked me through bleeding and then asked other questions
including one about the shut off cable. That was it. Skipper left it
engaged and George and I overlooked this elementary step. Once the shut-off switch was disengaged, The engine started immediately but stalled after a few minutes while I was
talking to George. Now I did need to bleed her and now I know how. Speakeasy never left the fuel dock that night.
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