Friday, July 22, 2011

Pentwater to Grand Haven

I awoke at 0500 to a rain shower, which quickly passed. Speakeasy departed Pentwater an hour later in a light wind from the south with a flat sea. As we left the harbor, we could see boats at the Yacht Club that were in the Race to Mackinac. We recognized one of them as Free Agent--the dismasted boat we saw in Leland. Another boat belonged to a friend, Journey. It has boom and sail damage. 

We could see that more showers were moving across lake toward our destination, Grand Haven. We thought we might not get that far today. The wind picked up about 0930 so we could let out the jib, but stopped about 5 NM from White Lake. Our sailing friend, Paul, was sending messages about a storm in Wisconsin and Illinois that was crossing the Lake. We took a detour to White Lake and hung on a mooring  ball at the White Lake Yacht Club for an hour. I nearly fell in lake getting the mooring line through the tiny shackle. Beth had to pull hard on my leg to keep my aboard as I dangled over the side. 

We had a nice lunch and hot chocolate while it rained and continued south once it stopped. I became a bit rolly after the rain near Muskegon, but we reached Grand Haven by 1800. 

Back From the Mac: Boats include Journey and Free Agent

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