Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I don't need the T-shirt that says "Leland Michigan Simplify"

Because that is what I am doing. I'm simplifying my wardrobe, my make-up and my life. Two nights ago, I unzipped a large zip lock bag (zip lock bags are a godsend on boats because they keep out moisture and mildew.) I filled it with 4 T- shirts, 2 blouses, 3 trousers and several pair of socks. Then I squeezed out the extra air and stowed my unnecessary clothes under the salon starboard side berth along with the sail covers. Except for lip gloss and mascara, I've given up make-up. I know the real me wears eyeliner and blusher, but it's not necessary now! My plastic see-through cosmetic case contains Dial soap, Lubriderm, Neutrogena SPF 70, and Degree deodorant. The case has a little loop so it's easy to hang up in the harbor shower stalls which range in decor and cleanliness from luxurious to primitive but probably not worth a blog entry. Oh, yes, I have one toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss. Shampoo and conditioner. That's it!

Except for shoes. I have five pairs of shoes and some brand-new knee-high rubber boots on board. We have a rule that you must wear shoes on the boat. Flipflops and sandals do not count. The shoes must be skidproof and not leave marks. So I have flipflops for the shower stalls. Tevas for the beach. Sandals to walk on the boardwalks, plus two pair of boat shoes. They do keep me from skidding. In Leland we met Kimberly and Wayne. Two years ago she went on the deck of their sailboat and slipped on some oil. She rammed her ankle on the binnicle. Bones shattered. She now has nine pieces of hardware in her ankle. Knowing that reminds me to walk and not rush around the deck. Walk slowly. One hand for me. One hand for the boat. Speaking of hands, I have sailing gloves with leather palms. They are mandatory for pulling and releasing lines (on a boat ropes are mainly called lines.) I have three hats for varying degrees of wind and weather.

That's it. Except for foul weather gear and my life jacket. They don't call it a life jacket any more. It's a PFD which you can also wear on a PWC or a VLSV or a TLTB. I don't like abbreviations, but that's another blog!

In the meantime, I'm still working on simplifying my life. Ending here will help.
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