Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pent up in Pentwater

Our sail to Pentwater is long and hot.  The winds die down and leave us stranded.  Mark spends what seems like hours adjusting the sails.  We gain a tenth of a knot....another tenth of a knot.  Then we lose it.  I fix lunch and snacks and try to read Bruce Catton's Waiting for the Morning Train.  

I'm excited to meet up with my brother Bob and we call each other a couple of times.  We never reach each other but manage to leave messages for each other.  His voice messages always appear with a delay of up to an hour.  Just as we are heading into the harbor, I see another voice mail from Robert Rankin.  Without listening to all of it, I call him and say, "Bob, we're just motoring into Pentwater.  We're right at the buoys.  I'm not going to talk any longer.  I will call you once we have found a slip."  I hang up and as Mark steers us through the channel, someone yells, "Slow down, you move too fast."  I look over to the breakwater.  It's Bob!  What a welcome.  What a thrill.  My brother's first look at Speakeasy is as she maneuvers into Pentwater.  

We have confusion about whether we're going to Charlies or Snug Harbor.  All I know is that we need to get the lines ready and fenders out.  Mark slows the boat to allow me to do this.  Then I see Bob gesturing for us to come into a fairlane.  Mark says, "Do you want to take her in?"  Of course I do!

I take the helm.  I think, "Slower is better.  Don't over-steer.  Don't overreact.  Where's the wind?  How strong is the current?" I am delighted to see my brother as well as another man on the dock.  Mark gives me directions in his calm voice.  I get to the slip without any problems.

I've done it!  I have eased Speakeasy into a slip in the elegant and effortless-looking way she deserves! 
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