Sunday, July 20, 2008

A morning dip in the lake, cherry walnut toast at Stone House Bread and WIFI

12:56 P.M. and all is well in our world. Last night I decided to give up these blogs. I wrote for an hour in my spiral notebook. It was faster and more efficient than pecking away with one finger. Now I am trying again on my iPhone.

Sunday arrived with a placid lake covered with a placid sky. I felt like I was in a Lauren bedding dove-grey photo shoot. We walked to the beach. The water was like glass. The scallopy pattern in the sand under the water were clearly visible. Refreshing.

Now we are sitting at a little table outside the Stone House Cafe. Mark is reading The New York Times and I'm agonizing over my iPhone.

But I do have a point to make: I am where I am today. What a wonderful feeling. I hope to spend more of my time here. In my skin. Paying attention. Smelling summer. Breathing in the breeze. Hearing the bang of the shop's screen door.

I'm wearing my Swiss T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Ich Staune"? Is it a sign? I am astonished.
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