Thursday, July 9, 2009

A dryer sheet could have sunk Speakeasy!

Two hours of confusion. Speakeasy's two water tanks were out of water. The dock at the Muskegon Yacht Club didn't have water so I dragged a 200 foot-long hose out from the clubhouse. Not long enough to reach Speakeasy. Then an old codger appeared and turned the dock water on. We attached the hose and stuck it down the water intake in the stern. Every once in a while, a huge amount of water gushed out the bilge outlet. The water tank was discharging water as fast as we could hose it in. We had an issue. Details to follow in a later blog as it's now 7 a.m. and we need to leave for Pentwater. After consulting with Mark, Bob, and Shurflo website, Jim dove under the sink. The culprit? The cold-water hose to the hot-water tank had become loose. An hour later after both of us were in a variety of contorted positions on the floor, the clamp was back in place. We need a second clamp.

So what about the dryer sheet? We'd stuffed them around cushions to keep the damp and bugs out while Speakeasy was in dry dock. Who told us to do that? Maybe Roberta. One dryer sheet had wedged itself in our bilge tank clogging up the limber hole. That meant the bilge pump float switch didn't activate. That's why we had water all over the floor.

So a dryer sheet could have sunk our boat. Irony indeed.
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