Friday, July 17, 2009

The Library Closes in Two Hours....shhh!

After a delightful lunch at the Favor Cafe with Danny Hartman who helped me earlier to get online, I peek into the Montague Public Library located on the first floor of Montague's Municipal Building which houses City Hall, the Police Department and a Meeting Room. The library is bustling. Computers are all in use. Three little sisters in pink play hide n' seek up and down the fiction aisles while their grandmother checks out books. Five people behind her wait patiently.

Patience again! Cropping up a lot today.

I wander up and down the aisles-- surprised to find hundreds of mysteries and romances, science fiction, straight fiction but only one shelf of non-fiction before the Children's Section begins.

The poster outside proclaims, "Today is a good day to learn something new." Where are the books for that? Then I realize that nowadays we search for knowledge on line. So if I want to learn about astro-physics, electrical engineering or planting a garden, I do that electronically. Actually I'm not interested in any of those subjects just now. But I've figured it out. So I've learned something today! Case closed.

Now I've taken over a sturdy oak table. I've browsed through Birds of Michigan to find the Plover that Mark spotted in Ludington as well as the Wood Duck I claimed in Arcadia. Or was it a Surf Scoter? I'll order the book later from my independent bookseller in Printers' Row.

In the meantime, I planned to write Stern First and once again I'm being seduced by Montague.
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