Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Can You Write the Great American Blog When You Can't Even Get On-Line?

Furious, frazzled. What other 'f' words can I write to express my frustration? Mark went back to Chicago. Speakeasy and I are having a four-night sleepover here at Moxie's in White Lake. We have planned to have Speakeasy on the Michigan side of The Big Lake so we can have a lovely sail with my children and their partners.

In the meantime, I am planning to blog, blog, blog. Everything already written by hand will be transferred and posted. Last year I dreaded posting. I felt like I was hanging out laundry that had not been edited. Not even checked for stains.

This year, I have a new attitude. Let my words swing in the breeze.

So spending one fruitless (another "f" word) hour trying to sign up for Marina WIFI just about fried me.

I could have calmed my nerves by washing the kitchen floor. But the kitchen, whoops, galley floor is only two feet by two feet. So instead I talked up the hill. And over to the Wetlands Trail. An hour later I was calm. The sun still hadn't set. I returned and was able to complete the sign in. Now of course, I keep reading that this cannot be posted. So what do I do now? It's 10 p.m. I call it quits. Fizzling out. Finito.
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