Friday, September 14, 2012

Clapperton Island to Gore Bay

Clapperton Island to Gore Bay

It was my turn to make breakfast so a fired up the oven and baked refrigerator sweet rolls. Unfortunately, I burned some of the bottoms, which was our first error in the oven.

There was almost no wind at all this morning and motoring through Clapperton Channel was easy. Along the way we saw Loons grouping for a migration. I'd never seen loons in groups before. We made Gore Bay about noon to discover that Canadian Yacht Charter was closed due to an illness. We made for the marina to fill the fuel tank and empty the holding tank. All of the gear we brought was taken from Air Play and stowed in the car for our trip home. It was sad that we couldn't say goodbye to our hosts face-to-face, but we need to get to Manistique, MI.

Bridal Veil Falls

First, we wanted to stop at Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong. This falls had been stopped for some time to create power for Kagawong, but was freely flowing again. Not only was the falls beautiful, but we could see salmon in the pool below them. Judging from the state of one of the salmon (dead and white), the salmon had come to spawn.

Farqhar's ice cream

Next was a stop in Little Current for Farqhar's famous ice cream. I had blackberry and white chocolate and Corkey had rum raisin. Betty and Beth had chocolatey dishes of ice cream. YUM!


 We got to Manistique at sundown and took rooms near the light, which was beautiful in the sunset. Thanks to our mobile devices, we found a summer club with a fish fry a couple miles away and felt like we were home again.

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