Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gore Bay to Benjamin Island

Gore Bay to Benjamin Island

We left Gore bay in the afternoon having taken all morning to get prepared. Wind began at 8 kts but quickly became 14 kts and we had to reef. Reefing the foresail was easy as we had much experience on Speakeasy but we had never reefed an in-mast main before. After our reef attempt very little sail was reduced but we were nearly at Secretary Island where we dropped sails to enter Croker Island.

The preferred spot at Croker Island was occupied so we sailed close to her to ask about the spot on the other side of the little island in the bay. We were assured in was fine but we discovered it was for experienced gunkholers, not for us. I think we would have had to take a forward and aft line ashore in order to stay behind the little island.

We set Air Play between the rocky island and the main island in less the 10 ft of water. However we could get the anchor to hold. Corkey was learning it's personality. After a couple of attempts, I agreed with Beth that we should leave before we got stuck.

After our failed attempt to anchor at Croker Island, even though the conditions were ideal, we motored to Benjamin Island where we could do a simple free swing anchorage. The wind switched over night to put us within inches of submerged rocks that we did not see when we anchored. Obviously, we had more to learn.

Corkey made a great breakfast of Swedish pancakes with Kickapoo syrup the next morning. After breakfast we took the dinghy ashore and climbed to the summit of North Benjamin Island where we got good pictures of the rocks and islands to the West.

While on the shore I could see the excellent shore ties that sailors have marked with trunks and cairns. Some of these were within a few feet of shore and between submerged boulders. That's gunkholing!

We explored what we thought was a government dock and explored house and trails nearby. Back at Air Play for reading, naps, and lunch.
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