Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Croker Island

Croker Island


The best spot on Croker Island was available for us today and we headed directly for our first onshore tie-up. In plenty of water nearly to shore on two sides we backed into the perfect spot. We tested the ground and found we could get 20 ft from shore before the depth changed from 12 ft to 9 ft. We set the anchor in 12 ft of water, 60 ft from shore.

Corkey and Beth volunteered to take the stern line ashore. Fortunately, Beth enjoys rowing and took Corkey ashore while he played out the shore line. Corkey found an excellent tree to secure our stern.

On their return to the dinghy, Beth slipped and fell on her butt and howled in pain. Betty and I watched helplessly from Air Play watching Beth writhe and walk into the lake rather then toward the dinghy. Thinking she was delirious, I shouted to her to return to the dinghy and get in it, which she did. I could see that she could walk and climb over the dinghy sides. I had more hope that her pain was from a minor injury.

Meanwhile Corky slipped and slid onto the water on his butt but without harm except to get wet. Obviously, we had not gauged the slipperiness of algae-covered rocks near shore.

Betty was in charge of dinner, which was an amazing pork tip roast on a bed of sauerkraut with wine and sherries. Now we knew we could light the stove top and oven and make a gourmet meal.

Due to the beauty of this anchorage and Beth's injury, we decided to stay at this best anchorage on Croker Island and sail to Little Current in the morning for pump-out, water, and milk.


We had a great sleep and prepared for a picnic ashore. We found a perfect picnic spot on the near shore that gave us a view of Air Play and many pictures were taken. After lunch we climbed to the SW side of the island for the view and, as it turn out, data access so I sent a picture to friends.

Beth and I took a swim and bath while Betty and Corley showered. Then we basked in the afternoon sun reading. The reading material varied from genealogy to biography to The Atlantic.

For dinner, Betty created a lovely and delicious salad nicoise. After another beautiful day in paradise, we retired for another good night of sleep.
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