Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Current to Clapperton Island

Little Current to Clapperton Island

This morning the air was light and the water was flat. There was a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon carrying 15 kts from NNW. We wanted to get to our anchorage at Clapperton Island before the weather turned. However, we needed a slow morning because Beth'a injury was painful and we were tired. Corkey made French toast and we ate like kings.

Motoring through the buoys in Little Current was peaceful and beautiful. In a couple hours we were entering the Clapperton Channel, which is also marked with buoys because of the many submerged rocks surrounding the island's bay.

We headed north to Clappertton bay rounding Meredith rock, which has a large marker and light. We kept Betsey Island to port and Burbidge Island to starboard and followed the chart into the anchorage.

Our first anchor setting assumed we could set a second anchor to stern but I learned that the oar lock was broken and the dinghy seat was too so we hauled anchor and moved further from the shore so we could swing freely. Even further from shore, this was a picturesque spot with a head-on view of the decrepit Harbour Island Club main building that has not be occupied for decades.

At this point the wind was 5 kts but we could see weather approaching. We closed the cockpit curtains and waited for the weather to come and go, which it did in a couple of hours. We took the opportunity to rest and have another delicious dinner aboard Air Play.
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