Thursday, July 31, 2014

Going Home

We've been aboard Speakeasy for 30 days and look forward to sleeping in our "big" bed tonight. Java seems happy enough, but she may be happier in her cot at home too. Sampling the hedonistic pleasures of the Lake shore in Michigan and Wisconsin has been a fun adventure. We can't see a beautiful sunset in Michigan without ice cream (Beth's favorite is French Silk) and Java can't go by a boat ramp without walking down into the water followed by a fast run around. We thoroughly enjoyed our month-long sail.
The Lake is also an historical marker of what has been before from large pleasure liners ferrying tourist from Chicago and Milwaukee to lighthouses and power generation plants. The latter make use of the cold water for cooling and water shipping lanes for coal. Some of the coal plants have been converted to gas (e.g., Port Washington) or nuclear (Zion) years ago. I can imagine how things used to be and see how they are. In the future, we will need to take more care of our Lake to remove the corrosive effects of algae blooms and toxic chemicals. After all, the Lake is our fresh water source as well as a source of great pleasure. 

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