Monday, July 7, 2014

The worst night in 30 years.

We had lots of surge up the Black River and into our marina in South Haven last night. It was the "worst night in 30 years of cruising" according to one of our fleet members. Speakeasy was rolling from side to side. We had to put Java in a life jacket to get her up the ladder and off the boat. I had to assist anyone coming our going from Speakeasy. Sleeping was a rock-a-bye event. Java was not amused. That and the fireworks that seemed to go on for days. Just when you thought it was safe to take a late night pee in the grass, Kaboom, and it's a mad dash back to the relative safety of the rolling boat.

Even this morning the wind howled and the surge rushed up the river. The wind changed about 1100 and the the fog rolled it. We left through a fog bank that was about a mile wide. By 1400, the sky had lifted and the wind blew on our beam. Things started to look better. The sun came out. Perhaps we'll survive after all.

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