Friday, July 11, 2014

Harbor Towne

Developers like to create ambiance where there was something else—what is known as "nothing." In the nothing that was the dune between Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon, developers created Harbor Towne, a marina and townhouse development. As a private marina, Harbor Towne is different, it's inexpensive. Our dock fee was $1.25/foot rather than the $2-4/foot in Saugatuck.

We walked with Java to the human beach near the pier head where Beth swam and I kept the dog off the beach per the local ordinance. Then we marched a mile south past the water treatment facility to the dog beach where Java was released to enjoy the water and fetching sticks. 

On our return, we stopped at Dockers, concept restaurant within Harbor Towne, to have a drink—beer and wine were only $3 because it was Wednesday. After. Shower in the clean and modern marina washrooms, we returned to Dockers for dinner. I had delicious mussels and Beth had Mahi-Mahi tacos. Both were delicious and served with care and efficiency by our server, Nick. 

Java was very happy with the dog run, which had a soft path of bark chips and a sand box for personal business. 

Harbor Town is in our list of great stops on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. We would have liked the city of Muskegon itself  to be a boaters paradise, but that hasn't happened yet. While the city fugues out what it wants to be, developers have figured out what boaters want.
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