Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weather to Go or Stay 7/5/14

On Saturday, waves were building in the Lake again and were to by 3-5 feet by Sunday—our check-out day. Some captains decided to leave a day early so we bid farewell to Chicago-bound boats Celestial, Kali, and Whisper. Northbound boats could leave on Monday including Kaleidoscope and Speakeasy. Allegro was waiting until Tuesday to cross the Lake. 

The art and craft fair was going on at the Park, so all had a hearty breakfast to fortify them for the art throng and subsequent crossing. Many cutting boards, made from recycled virgin hardwoods, were taken home to boats including Speakeasy. 

That evening, cruisers met at the South Haven Yacht Club for an early dinner of perch followed by a trip to Sherman's Dairy. Unfortunately the Dairy had a line stretching twice across the facade of the building. Dejected, we bid goodbye to our Douglas friends, MJ and Phil, and retired to Speakeasy. 

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