Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Day July 4, 2014

There is a parade in South Haven on Independence Day. It's an old-fashioned parade, animals, princesses, and fire trucks. Most of the village that wasn't in the parade came to watch and get treats thrown at them. Of course, there were also tourists who came by car and, like us, by boat.

Dogs were very lucky in the parade because pet stores and shelters threw treats to their masters. Masters even traded treats among them. Salmon was traded for alternate flavors like chicken and veggie. Dog recipes were traded too--carrots and yogurt, for instance. All-in-all a win for the canines. 

Following the parade the Columbia Yacht Club Cruising Fleet prepared a potluck dinner for themselves. Red white and blue streamers were hung on picnic tables and tiny flags were stuck in candle pots as center pieces. Ham, pork, and corn were placed on the grill and salads and pies were set out. Drinks were drunk, stories were told, and food was eaten. A fine time. 

After dinner Dorothy showed her fantastic documentary if her trip with Susan to the Subantarctic New Zealand across the river at the North Boaters Lounge. This lounge is only 100 yards away from the South Boaters Lounge next to our boats and dining. However it is on the other side of the river and in the next county. To save time walking across the bridge (about a mile), Dorothy rowed her new dinghy across and tucked it away beneath the pier. All agreed that the documentary was National Geographic quality. 
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