Monday, July 14, 2014

Storm Clouds

Sailors love beer, but a brewery called Stormcloud will been seen with some suspicion. Clouds may have silver linings but they may also pack a wallop to a small boat on the open water. Nevertheless, we stopped at the inviting deck of the Stormcloud Brewing Company in Frankfort to sample their brews and food.

Beth tasted a bitter stout that did not suit her before ordering red wine. I went right for a black IPA that had a potent bitter hoppy flavor. Just right for me. We tried a flatbread with a wonderful doughy crust that reminded me of the wort dough served at the Bridgeport Brew Pub in Portland Oregon. The breads had inventive toppings—corn, eggs, avocado, and horseradish sauce. We ordered another. 

Java loved the pub too. She sat beneath the table waiting for crumbs to fall, which they did. 
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