Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Lighting of the Sky 7/3/14

After a night sail, especially one as rough as last night, it's difficult to be clear on things. I know without doubt that there were fireworks in South Haven although I admit I saw none if it. I was with a tired Beth in the aft berth of Speakeasy half asleep after "napping" after dinner. There must have been dinner but I couldn't tell you when or where it was. Perhaps I'll remember before I post.

I wonder if there was lunch or breakfast? I vaguely recall having apple juice on a bench outside of Captain Nemo's with Java. Could that have been breakfast?  

I did learn that the fireworks was called The Lighting of the Sky and one could follow a musical accompaniment on the radio. This I learned the next day when I saw a banner near the harbor grounds. 
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