Monday, July 19, 2010

The Bridge Opens for Us!

Sunday morning. as we approach the “open on demand” bridge in Sturgeon Bay, I’m at the helm. Radioing to the Bridgekeeper, Mark is prepared to give Speakeasy’s height (48’ from water line to the tip of the mast) but since he isn’t asked he doesn’t divulge! Mark’s from Wisconsin. (More about Cheeseheads, the Musical in a later blog.)

Speakeasy glides slowly in neutral. Cars and vans continue to cross. Then the barricades drop.

Slowly and symmetrically, the bridge opens above us.

I put Speakeasy in gear and give her some throttle. But not much. Gracefully we slip under the open arms of the bridge.

Once we leave the bridge behind, we cruise through a man-made channel and past a magnificent lighthouse out into the Big Lake. Ready for a new adventure. Together and heading in the same direction.

Later today, we talk about our wedding vows. We plan to use images and memories from this sailing summer. Special to us and hopefully to our guests on 10-10-10.

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