Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chicago Light

South Shore Yacht Club at First Light
Chicago Light
We left Milwaukee at first light to avoid a approach storm and to get to Monroe Harbor, Chicago before dark. The Lake was glass when we left. We were in fog at the Racine Shoal. Radar told us that the light was a few yards off starboard and a fishing boat a few yards of port. We only saw the light when the fog lifted.

Light rain followed the fog and wind and waves picked up. The wind was on our nose and kept increasing from 10-20 knots. By the time we reached the Chicago Light, the wind was 20-30 knots.

We didn't know how bad the storms were behind us. The Milwaukee area had inches of rain and tornadoes. We, however, were safely at harbor where we dined one last time on Speakeasy before going ashore.
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