Monday, July 19, 2010

Missing Michigan

It's been a couple days since we were in Michigan (Menominee in the UP) and I'm already missing the harbors where the docks are cared for, showers are clean, and dock hands are capable. Oh, and the fees are much less.

Case in point. We had only an exposed wall to tie to in Algoma. Last week it took all of the harbormaster's wits to keep a boat from sinking. Another boat wasn't as lucky.
Another example. The dock hands in Kewaunee included a man on a cell phone, his 4-year-old daughter, a power boater from Marquette, and the harbormaster. We prepared for a port slip, but had the end of a dock shared with another boat. The dock had a cutout in it so that the entire length was not on the same plane It was only a port tie if you swung wide into very shallow water and played current against wind.

I'm in a foul mood so here are other complaints. We were given no instruction about wifi, which is important for this blog. The bathroom was nearly out of paper. The office was open for a couple minutes when we arrived and a couple minutes before we left. This cost twice as much as Menominee. Take me back to Michigan!

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