Monday, July 5, 2010

Macatawa to White Lake

From Harbor
It's surprising how long it takes to get used to a boat, sails, lines--the whole system that is sloop. On idle moments, usually in little wind, we've tried to get Speakeasy to go down wind wing-and-wing, but we've never been very successful. This day, we had a 20 knot tail wind and had little choice that to try again to wing-and-wing. I had just gotten a block and tackle from Garhauer Marine with the intention of using it as a preventer. I was very glad I did. We successfully did wing-and-wing for hours. The preventer was was the key. We barely felt the 20 kt wind at our back. We should have kept going north until the wind stopped, but instead we turned in at White Lake.

We thought about anchoring at White Lake when we couldn't get ahold of the Yacht Club. Clearly, it was possible to anchor at in a nice area, but we kept going toward and nearly past the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club when someone yelled, "Do you want a slip for the night?" It was the Commadore of MBYC and we got a slip right next to his Catalina. Good karma.
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