Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Then, It Rained

Beth and I scurried to get our laundry to Snug Harbor before our planned breakfast with her cousins at the Cottage--a favorite of ours in Pentwater. I volunteered to wait for the clothes left in the drier and gave my order to Beth to get the usual--salmon omelet. I hurried back to Speakeasy with the dry laundry and threw it in the galley and on the ladder. The forward hatch was closed, I could see, but I wouldn't take the time to close the companion way (or check the other ports). Soon after I sat down for my delicious omelet, a huge and long down pour came out of no where. I should have gone back, getting soaked was better than wet electronics.

When we returned, most of the laundry was wet. Most of salon cushions were wet. My bag with new Macbook Air and iPad was wet, but not soaked. I pulled out the iPad and check the Air, which was in another bag. It was dry. I put it back in the bag--a big mistake, it turned out. The bottom of the larger bag was wet and it seeped through to the Air bag and the Air, which has streaks on the screen now. I was mortified. Beth was devastated. Hadn't we learned anything after losing a keyboard and iPhone on a previous cruise?

Later, we forgot these problems because the cousins had fresh salmon and trout. We let chef Bob do the grilling and we prepared ready-made salads. Cousins brought Beach Bum beer and we had a great time telling stories and eating delicious fish.
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