Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Incompetent Linesman

Our lake Michigan cruises are fun because it is an adventure. We find new places and people. We also learn about sailing and cruising. I've been learnimg more about docking lines so that we can get into strange slips with more safety and ease.

Jack Klang, a resident of Suttons Bay, MI and an expert on single-handed docking has been a great influence on me. He's a master of the spring line. For our trip, I got two beautiful 50-foot lines and mid-ship cleats that affix to Speakeasy's track. All set.

In practice, I may be the worst line handler on the Lake. I've dumped the spring line in the water several times, given dock hands lines with knots, missed lassoing cleats, and (this may be the worst of all) aimed for the wrong cleat so that I couldn't stop the boat before the bow hit the dock.
I'm totally incompetent and must mend my ways before something really bad happens.

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