Saturday, July 10, 2010

The (not so) simple life in Leland

Last time we were in Leland, I wrote about the simple life. I saw a teeshirt here that declared "Simplify." I said in my blog that I didn't need the teeshirt because I had successfully simplified my life. I wish it were as simple this time.

Our trip from Arcadia to Leland is blissful. We motor close to the shore so Mark can check out the chartplotter. "Oh, look, it says 37 feet and so does our old depth sounder." We go through shoals and a submerged vessel and beat Puffin to the harbor even though they motored by us a couple of hours ago because they chose a more cautious route.

Once we get to the fuel dock, we learn there are no slips available. We are asked, "How much do you draw?" No Picasso, not that kind of draw. How far does our keel dip into the water is the question. Speakeasy has a kind of a stubby lead two-winged keel actually. So the answer is " 4'4". Four feet, four inches. We only touch bottom when it's shallower than that. "Fine,"says Sarah, the Harbor Master. "We can put you around next to the the gangplank. I don't think you'll hit bottom. Just stay really close to the boats parked in slips. But watch out for the Hinkley. We don't want anything to happen to the Hinkley." (Hinkley = expensive little get-about picnic boat.) Slowly I motor around the slips staying as close to their sterns as possible. Just after the Hinkley, I turn sharply but still slowly and slip into place. Two dockhands help us. We're here!

Leland is a wonderful port. We have a delicious dinner at The Riverside Inn. Our waitress Sarah is delightful...she lived in Tully, Connemarra Ireland so we compare notes about the friendliness and warmth of the Irish. We return to Speakeasy and watch a beautiful sunset. Since we are docked right next to the access to all the slips, lots of people walk by. We like to hear the comments on our boat ("Oh, isn't that a nice boat.") At ten o'clock quiet descends and we sleep contentedly.

Saturday a.m. breakfast at the Stone House Cafe. Cherry Toast with Tart Cherry Preserves and Lattes. What did we do before Lattes?

Lunch with David and Joan who pick us up and drive us to Fischer's Happy Hour Pub. Deep-friend onion rings, mushrooms and perch sandwiches. I indulge in a glass of local Chardonnay.

Then we return to the village of Leland. Mark cleans the boat. I provision for Beaver Island.

Despite the wonderful weather and great experiences, I'm just a little sad. You see, I finally decided to get a Mac Book Air. For three years, I have wanted one. It arrived from Small Dog Computers the afternoon of July first. We put it on the boat. We didn't try to use it until yesterday. It has water damage. Water damage. OK, it's just a Mac Book Air. It will only cost the price of a new Mac Book Air. So sometimes life isn't as simple as I would like it to be.
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