Tuesday, July 6, 2010

White Lake to Pentwater

From Harbor
We are up early to leave this picturesque lake. Beth leaves the slip with little thrust and prop walks very close to the Commodore's whaler, tied behind his Catalina. A gusty harbor didn't help, but no harm done and another lesson learned--use more throttle.

The 15-20 knot south wind allowed us to wing-and-wing with the best effectiveness we've ever gotten on Speakeasy. However, when we attempted to roll in the jib, we had a bite in the roller line that prevented the last 6-feet of job to roll in. I spent 40 minutes at the bow unwrapping the roller line. The wind and waves were too great to do more, so we entered Pentwater with a flapping jib.

Beth's cousins were onshore--boys were going out on a fishing charter and girls and babies were waving at them and us. We tied up at the fuel dock to meet the girls and waited until after dark to greet the boys and their catch of salmon and trout.
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